14 Days & Counting…

We leave two weeks from today!  Time passes fast and there seem to be so many things left to do.  However, it is exciting to see the list of teams posted on the Rally’s website and think about the adventure just around the corner.  There are a record number of teams this year – 118 total.  As I scroll through the list and see the number of French entries, it makes me realize just how poor my French language capabilities are.  I’ve been working at it…trying to read documents and websites first and deciphering what it all means before clicking on the BabelFish translation page (thanks Yahoo!).  However, the Rally staff and associated vendors have been incredibly kind, patient and helpful in the process.  They definitely get plenty of English practice when dealing with Team Miller Fisher.

A big thanks to Kurt Olson who is helping Wendy for these last days on the navigation side. They will be heading out to do some drills around Crested Butte.  I’m heading to the desert next weekend to spend three more days in the sand dunes.  At the end of these 14 days I intend on doing another 60 day fitness challenge by taking on Insanity Workout Challenge. If you want to take this along with me you can read what can you expect from insanity here. But it will be a relief to board that plane and know that we just have to roll with what comes our way.  This is our learning year and it will be great to get one Gazelle Rally under our belts.

Great news!  We have added a new sponsor – Crested Butte Mountain Resort – our hometown ski area.  We believe Crested Butte is the best ski and mountain town there is…so it is an honor to represent them!

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